A brief presentation about Bonzy 

Read the biography of Bonzy as a designer & artist

Bonzy also known as Nana Kwame Ofori Addae was born on the 6th of May 1989 in Asamankese, Ghana. At the age of 11 he moved to the Netherlands were he started at the elementary school “Nieuwkomers Bijlmer 3”. After one year he went to Nova College for 4 years studying the course “Building Engineering”. Finishing this course he went to “Hout- en Meubileringscollege Amsterdam” for 4 years and studied the course “Furniture Design”. After graduating he went to “University of Art in Utrecht”, where he graduated as a product designer. >>Curriculum Vitae

In his years of going to school he has learned a lot that he’ll be putting to practice in his daily work. He started this website to introduce his work to the world and start his own company that he’ll be expanding in the near future.

Momentary he’s a student and he’s getting to know himself through the design world. At this moment he doesn’t have an unique way of working, but his specialty lays in woodworking. He is working with different types of material to expand his knowledge of different types of materials.

In his future work he’ll be combining woodworking with different types of material creating the perfect designs for his customers.

Except for being such a great designer, he can also warm your heart with his musical talent. He has a background of various instruments, but his specialty is playing the trumpet. Click here

He helps his community (churches) organize events, both small and major event. I also train children vocally and how to play all kinds of musical instruments.




I believe my work speaks for itself. Browse my most recent projects below.

Chair of Life
Origami Vase
Magnetic Cutting Board
Music Furniture
Second Life
Treasure Room
Temple Jewellery Box

Product design sketches

Drawing with the hand 

Perspective Drawing

I started drawing at a young age. I started by drawing regular cartoon characters, from there to Japanese anime character “mange drawings”. At the Wood and Furniture Academy I was taught the art of perspective drawing.
I started drawing my product in perspective, and also the use of color pencil and markers. The one who taught my the Art of perspective drawing before going to the University of Art is my former teacher from the Wood Academy Erik Groenhout, take a look at his work Click here. At the University of Art, I learned how to pain and add shadow to my perspective drawings.

Drawing with the Computer 

Identity & Branding

Beside drawing with the hand, i also use Adobe photoshop and Illustrator to draw and color.

3D Drawing

After sketching a product with the hand, I also Iron Cad to draw the product in 3D space   


some of my sketches, after sketching them, i use adobe Illustrator to color it, given it a realistic look .

Working on some sketches



3D Solid Modeling Designs

Iron Cad

Solid Works



Profesional User of

Adobe programs 
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, creating website layouts , photo/text editing and many more. Click here

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator, creating logo’s, vector images and many more Click here

Adobe InDesign

Adobe inDesign, making booklets and magazines Click here

Adobe After effects

Adobe After effects, creating motion design. Click here

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere, Editing Video’s. Click here

3D programs

Iron Cad, 3D Solid Model Drawings

Iron Cad, 3D Solid Model Drawings Click here




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